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Get CPR, First Aid and AED Certified!

The Loss Prevention Group, Inc. ("LPG"), provides high quality training in Adult and Infant CPR, First Aid, and AED. Further your knowledge, gain experience, limit your liability and make yourself more valuable to employers by training with us!

As our Student you will receive outstanding instruction in our state of the art classrooms located within a two-minute walk from the 19th Street BART Station in Downtown Oakland.

We are an approved Training Facility for the American Safety and Health Institute and Medic First.

AMERICAN SAFETY & HEALTH INSTITUTE and MEDIC FIRST programs have been reviewed by, and/or satisfy the requirements of, the Department of Labor, Occupational Safety & Health Administration (DOL/OSHA), Department of Homeland Security, and United States Coast Guard (DHS/USCG). 

AMERICAN SAFETY & HEALTH INSTITUTE and MEDIC FIRST programs are also recognized, endorsed, accepted or approved by state regulatory agencies, including those licensing Emergency Medical Services, child care, education, public health, labor and others.

AMERICAN SAFETY & HEALTH INSTITUTE'S CPR PRO and MEDIC FIRST programs have been approved for training for Emergency Medical Services personnel and is accepted by the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (MREMT). This course is equivalent to the American Heart Association's BLS for Healthcare Professionals.

The Facts

Basic first aid and CPR courses are typically every Wednesday at our training facility.  Things you learn in these courses are great for everyday life as well as emergencies and disasters.  They will help give you the skills you need to help yourself and those around you.  You can learn how to detect things such as stroke, heart attack, and other injuries.  You will also learn how to do basic medical procedures to help the victim and prolong their life.  This information is more valuable than any other and should be taken in a serious manner.  At times of disaster, the information will be so valuable, that you may find yourself tending to many neighbors and family members in a row.  When more people know these skills, more people will survive disastrous events.

Buying Time

There is only about 4 to 6 minutes available after someone stops breathing before their lack of oxygen can cause massive brain damage or death.  If you know CPR and are near someone when they need it, you can help them to “breathe” until professional emergency workers arrive.  This will help oxygen circulate through their body to their brain.  The body sees it as being viable oxygen and you will essential buy them more time.  Once the professionals arrive, they will be able to take over and do what they can to save the individual.  A large portion of individuals are home with adults who might have been able to save them when a situation like this occurs.  Knowing what to do is vital in these situations. 

Don’t Rely On Someone Else

Many times people neglect to take first aid and CPR training because they assume someone else will be there to help them.  This is one of the biggest mistakes.  You often see one parent in the family getting certified in case their family needs them.  However, unless that one parent never leaves their family’s side, then it does no good.  Everyone in the home should be certified, so that no matter who is at home, there will always be someone who knows what to do in case of an emergency. 

Disasters Bring Injury

As horrible as it may sound, many disasters do bring on more injuries than expected.  When a town is faced with a hurricane, tornado, or massive fire, there are bound to be citizens who are injured.  To be as prepared as possible to help your loved ones or neighbors, you should know and be trained in basic first aid and CPR skills.  Your knowledge could mean the difference between life and death for someone you know.  Since you never know when a disaster may strike, it is best to take a course at least once a year in these skills.

Everything Wiped Away

As the world has seen lately, in certain disasters, there is nothing left.  When a massive hurricane hits, there may not be a hospital to visit when you are injured.  If you are trained in CPR or first aid training, you will be more likely to survive and help your family survive.  You may need to tend to someone will a large cut on their arm while driving to the next town for help.  There are many situations that can occur in which you will need to rely on yourself and your skills to get through.  So, be sure to get educated on these skills that you may need one day to survive or help your family survive.

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